bryan fuller and the casting crew comb through the city, in pursuit of the perfect will graham for nbc’s new show. four days pass — they find no one. disgruntled, they head to the airport, intent on flying elsewhere to continue their search.

just before they are about to buy their tickets, they see a man pointing a camera at the floor. the carpet below his feet has an odd pattern with eye-catching colours. bryan fuller finds his behavior intriguing and comes closer, observing him.

the man with the camera is hugh dancy. he’s taking pictures of the airport carpet. he’s blinking slowly, and his lips are moving. bryan fuller creeps even closer to listen to him.

this is my design hugh dancy whispers

bryan fuller and the casting crew feel a strange sensation in their souls. they all look each other in the eye as five words escape bryan fuller’s trembling body. 

this is my will graham bryan fuller exhales, his hands stretching upward behind his head. you could say it made him look like a stag.

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    I didn’t know he was engaged to Claire Danes!
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